Message from Tracy Hassett

Your New President


Thanks to all the members for your support at Thursday’s election meeting. The suggestions for future events such as a tailgate sale and enthusiasm for more information at show & tell were encouraging for me.

For those who didn’t attend we will now be doing a theme rock or mineral for show and tell. You may also bring other rocks, cabs etc. of your choice to share. Selected rocks from our previous club rock trips are always welcome so non-participants can see what they missed!

The show & tell for May is Crystal. Please try to bring a variety of mineral crystals not just quartz (Si O2) I know the 2 is supposed small and a little lower than the O but I don’t know how to do that. Think calcite, barite, fluorite, etc. The more unusual the better and try to give us a little information about the specimen so we can all learn how to identify it.

You will need to keep your show & tell info. short as we have Louise Barns a geologist giving a presentation on mineral and gem associations to various geologic formations. That should help us better identify where to locate new sources of our favorite rocks and minerals.

The new facility at Kimber Academy was well received as we didn’t have competing noise and it wasn’t an echo chamber so could actually hear the speaker.   We should be able to use this facility for the foreseeable future instead of jumping around at the last minute so plan on attending.

There will be more to come on education so stay tuned.

You can contact me at or ph. 435 865 1441      I only do email once a day so be patient.


Till Later, Tracy.


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