April 23, 2017

Southern Utah Rock Club Members.

Unfortunately our planned speaker for May is having back surgery and unable to attend, however we have a full agenda and need ALL MEMBER input. This is your club and we will be setting the agenda and calendar for the coming year, (No input no choice)

Here are two updates and several items for you to consider, give input and or vote on.

  •    Non profit status update
  •    Joining Rocky Mountain Mineral Society and Insurance update
  •    Iron County Fair  on Labor Day a club fund raiser selling kids grab bags, spinner, rock sand dig, and sell donated slabs, cabs, jewelry and do demonstrations. The intent is to let the community know we exist and bring in new members plus have fun sharing with the with the kids and community.
  •   Tail gate sale for those wanting to sell any rock related items to weed out excess inventory making room for the next batch.
  •    Hurricane Rock Show booth. (Similar to Iron Co. Fair)
  •    New work Shop events and schedule recommendations.
  •   Website, forum and new Face book page under Southern Utah Rock Club Inc.

All this will take time and discussion. Again we need your input to be sure it works for the majority.

The rock trip to the Mineral Mt’s. Guided by Theron was a success with 11 vehicles and about 20 members. Every one went home with a bag/bucket full of Picasso, Chrysocola and misc. specimens from old mine dumps.

Theron mentioned going to Delta for a two or three day camp out in the next month or two. Sounds like fun to me so let him know if it sounds interesting to you as well.

Hope to see everyone at the May 4th meeting  to maximize input.  For the St George group it would be great if you could come to the Cedar City meeting to share/vote on upcoming events as I need to make final arrangements for spaces post haste to insure they are available.

We will still hold the regular St George bi monthly meeting on May 11th  to keep those who can’t make it to Cedar City up to date.


Till Later, Tracy



3 thoughts on “From The President – 4/23/17

    1. One of the items discussed at the annual meeting and at the previous group meeting in St. George is the wish for members to sell their goods. One of the members suggested a tailgate rock sale a.k.a. rock swap and sale or a trunk sale. Tracy has been exploring places in Cedar City where that could happen and possible costs to vendors to sell off the tailgate of your truck. The club will discuss this at the May meeting. If approved, we’ll go forward probably planning a date in the fall.


    2. Michael – the club voted to create a Tailgate Show and Sale. It is now scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd at the Cal Ranch Parking Lot. Applications and information to sign up will be available in Mid June on the club Facebook Page or website. Thanks for asking.

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