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Jana and I went to Delta to check out accommodations, driving time, food options and local attractions, including rock shops of course, in preparation for the June 23rd – 25th camp out rock trip. For those like us not into hot weather camping there is a Days Inn, a nice RV park and several older motel accommodations to choose from. Food ranges from Mc Donalds, Subway, Mom & Pop to Mexican. We had dinner at an older Motel/Diner that was well used but had abundant good food at reasonable prices and is open from 5 am to 9 pm.

As for the rock shop (North side West end of town) Wow, he has at least a century of Stuff! We asked about his $1.00 a pound Bone Yard that Jana found from the Tooele Rock & Talk’s post. It’s a 8′ x 4′ x 100′ berm of cut off scrap and Misc. from years of major cutting. There is a lot of good Picasso, Septarian Nodules and all kinds other goodies and a hose to wet the pile for easier picking. It’s been picked over but he will turn the pile with a skip loader before we arrive to expose new material. We were just going to look in preparation for the club trip but 52 lbs later we went back to the shop to weigh “n” pay. It’s an honor system and you can’t go wrong as the rock and price is great.

The trip from Delta to Topaz Mt. is 45 min. on pavement and uneventful but the quality solid Agate and Tiffany stone we found made the drive worthwhile. The spur rd. to the Topaz site has big pot holes  but is ok for cars with care to avoid the deep ones. All other roads we drove were excellent, with the exception of two tracks to old diggings that were short and could be easily walked in 3 to 5 minutes. The agate on Joy Ghost Town Rd is a good place for kids with easy to find material on easy to navigate slopes and combined with a trip to the Bone Yard they can take home a car load of rock. With parent permission of course.


I have been remiss. Ed Wakefield of the newly formed Mesquite club asked me to share information on their upcoming trip August 15 – 20 to Crystal Mountain Montana some time ago. This is a USFS site open to the public for crystal dinging that has been popular for years as evidenced by aerial views that looks like a prairie dog riddled field. Check it out on Google Map, quite fun.


Below is Ed’s info. and contact information plus look it up on the web for more info on what’s there.

Ed Wakefield   ewakefield2626@gmail.com

Subject Crystal Park Montana Trip

Here are the dates for the above trip. Susan and I be arriving at the Montana High Country Lodge on the evening of August 14th. This will be the end of our two week Montana trip. We will dig at the park August 15th and 16th. Folks can Google Crystal Park Montana to get information about the park. For those that are going to be camping we will meet at the south parking lot at 8:30 am to start our digging. There are times that the mosquitoes are bad so bring appropriate clothing and spray.

To get to Crystal Park take I-15  North to Highway 278 which is just north of Dillon MT. Turn left (West) on to H 278 and go approximately 30 miles to Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway. Turn Right and go approximately 15 miles to the park which will be on the west side of the road. The turnoff is well marked.

Crystal Park is in the SW corner of Montana

If folks want to give me a call to let me know they are coming our cell phone number is720-683-9024 .We will be leaving for Montana July 31st  and it may take a day or two to return calls or texts


Don’t forget the Wednesday evening 4:30 pm open rock shop and 6pm demonstration on simple copper findings for your cabochons.  You don’t need to bring a chair, we now have 45 folders. 🙂


Till Wednesday Evening, Tracy

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    1. Linda – We’ll meet Friday at 10:30 A.M. at McDonalds – then out to the Geode Beds and whatever else Theron has for us. Some will dry camp at the cove at Topaz Mtn. the rest of us are staying at the Days Inn. Saturday AM we’ll meet at McDonalds at 10:30 A.M. before our trip to the Bone Yard and then again at 12:30 after the Bone Yard but before we go back out to the Mountain. Hope that helps.

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