Day 1 –

There were campers, day trippers, and hotel over-nighters that descended upon the desert lands of Western Delta.  We met the campers the first morning and went to the Rock Shop and their bone yard.  We paid for our treasures and proceeded to meet up with the campers that spent the night at Topaz Mountain.  And there were 20  that ventured to the Dugway Geodes.  Some dug, some sat and read under a picnic pop-up, and others watched.  By mid afternoon several of us had collected our “enough” and headed to other places.  We traveled via the “Pony Express Road” to the “Old Lincoln Highway” (all dirt/gravel) and ended up finding a wonderful mine with tailing pile of Tiffany Stone.  We really had “enough” by then and went back to town for dinner, a shower, and bed.

Day 2 – we met day trippers and other hotel over-nighters and took them to the “bone yard”, then on to “Agate Hill”, two different Tiffany Mine Tailing spots (and different from the one we did the day before) and then on to let the Juniors continue to collect for their collection boxes.  We added Apache Tears to the Tiffany Stone, Septarian Nodules, and Picasso Marble for their boxes.  And then there were 11.

Day 3 – there were just 4 of us who traveled one more time to pick up Tiffany Stone at the Location Tracy found on Old Lincoln Highway.  Then we toured to the Ghost Town of Joy, tried to find a couple of mines (but it was obvious we needed to do a little further exploring as we must have taken the wrong road), then went into town and headed south.  We stopped at the Sunstone beds, then traveled to the Obsidian finds.  Sunstones were fun, obsidian not so much – but we’ll try again.  We traveled home to Enoch and our traveling companions from Mesquite went on. We had a great weekend and hope all 20 did as well.


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