July 7, 2017

From the Prez,

A quick up date on membership rules and dues.

Due to our non profit filing date, membership will now be from April 1st through March 31st.

Dues remain at $24 per adult (plus minor children if a single parent) or $36 for a family consisting of 2 adults and their children 17 and under.  Late year dues beginning October 1st will be $12 for one adult and family dues are $18. No other discounts are offered.

Rock trip requirements for visitors and guests.

All non member participants must fill out a liability waiver for each trip they attend and will be charged a $3 fee for each adult with their children 17 and under free when listed on the required liability waiver.

Rock Shop News

The club is looking for a replacement 10” trim saw. If you have information contact myself, Theron Roberts or Julie Powell. We need to keep the price under $500.

The club has a vibratory tumbler that we can’t use in the shop due to twice daily maintenance requirements when in operation. It is being offered in an on line silent auction to culminate at the club picnic. Check the club web site and Facebook or Glenn Pearson who is handling the auction for details. Happy bidding.

Junior Program – 18 potential members

We are starting a Junior Program following Rocky Mt Federation guidelines and will begin with club purchased boxes (2.75 ea) for each child to hold their collection of specimens. They will begin with Southern Utah rocks and must identify type of rock, location and mineral name/composition for each specimen.

There are badges available from the Federation and we are pursuing rules and badge requirements. We can all learn from the identification process. So lets all jump in and help the junior program. Who knows it may put a bounce in some old legs and it sure can’t hurt (much).

Annual Picnic

The club picnic is fast approaching and a sign up sheet was passed to cover things not provided by the club. The response was good but more are needed so go on line to check what you can help with and sign up for your share of the goodies. (It should be posted by next week)

Fund Raising Efforts

We still need rocks, slabs, cabs and jewelry for the up coming Iron Co Fair booth. Bring them to the Aug. 3rd meeting and sign up to help with the booth. We need YOU to make this a success. The prez and first lady and board can’t do it all; it takes a CLUB.

Steve Taylor gifted the club with numerous boxes of Flame Opal for our shows and to help generate money for club equipment. It is exceptional and has great value. After it is inventoried and value established some will be offered to club members and the remainder prepared for sale at upcoming shows. The value is such that we may be able to purchase a new cab machine for the club shop if sales go well. Keep your fingers crossed as we need a replacement cab machine. Thank You Steve!

Rock Trip Follow Up

Theron gave a great presentation on Tiffany Stone and Geodes that I will share in another post plus info about our next field trip so stay tuned.


Stay Tuned   –   Tracy

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