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July Rock Trip

Theron will lead us on the next rock trip July 22nd  to the Modena area and this should be a real interesting one.  There are numerous gold and silver mines west of Modena along the UT/NV border and Theron has arranged for a resident mining geologist to give the group a geology/mining presentation on site. Afterward he will direct the group to various locations where we can collect  a variety of mineral specimens and likely some cabbing material.

We will meet at the Market Place Grill on Hwy 56 at 7:30 am and leave at 8:00 so we can meet the group from St George coming via Hwy 18 through Enterprise to Beryl Jct on Hwy 56 at 9:00 am.

Don’t miss this one. It’s a new to us area and with help from the geologist should be excellent!

Tiffany Stone

Theron’s presentation on Tiffany stone was very informative. Previously there was a lot of talk that it should actually be called  Bertrandite. The formal description follows; Bertrandite is a white clay containing beryllium and when it is infused with opal, agate, fluorite (purple) manganese (black/red) and the Beryllium the combination  created is Tiffany stone. So you decide if this rare unique material should be called Tiffany Stone. I don’t know who named it but the name seems appropriate for this strange conglomeration of minerals.

The area West of Topaz Mt. is the only place in North America where Bertrandite occurs so Tiffany stone is truly a unique and rare gem. Since most of the mines have all closed and active mines are off limits, it’s primarily old stock that is available and the price  keeps climbing due to the limited supply.

The Delta, Topaz trip netted a few good pieces for the diligent rockhounds and though mostly small they are welcome finds to add to a specimen collection or make into jewelry if solid enough.

Dugway Geodes

Theron also discussed  Dugway Geodes collected on the trip.  They form in gas pockets in Rhyolite from silica rich heated water as it cools turning first to a gel then agate and other silica based materials. The geodes at the Dugway beds weathered out of the softer rhyolite and were concentrated by ancient lake Bonneville wave action where they were later buried for our digging pleasure. (95 deg and no shade)

Theron explained that geodes and thunder eggs were differentiated by geodes being hollow and thunder eggs having a solid interior, but there are differences of opinion leaving some uncertainty.

If you want the gory details, corner Theron at the next rock trip to Modina or Thursday night at the shop.

See you then, or Wednesday night for a great demonstration by Lynn Dalton.

Or Friday at the rock shop in Beaver.  Love of Art is closing for good and they are having a close-out sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday – July 21-23.  Lot’s of Picasso Marble.  We plan on being there first thing Friday morning.





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  1. It was a great trip. We had 35 folks and one leashed dog. 12 were guests and paid their insurance fee. Looking forward to another stunning trip in November. Stay tuned!

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