Hello fellow rockers.

Our rock trip has been changed to March 17th.

My brothers’ wife passed away and I will be attending her funeral this weekend.

We will be going to the Mesquite area on the 17th to hunt for Gypsom crystals and maybe agate.

~ Cedar city  people, we will meet at the Walmart parking lot by the gas station at 8:00am leave at 8:15.

~ Saint George people, meet at the Bloomington Walmart by the gas station at 9:00. Leave at 9:15.

~ Mesquite people, we will meet at the Sinclair gas station off the second Mesquite exit at 8:45 Nevada time

~ For everyone –  Bring a rock hammer, something to carry rocks in, water, and a lunch.

It should be a great trip and hope to see you there.

Any questions?     call me at 435 327-0296.


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