Southern Utah Rock Club Lapidary Shop Fundraiser
A Silent Auction winning bid will be announced!

This 12lb tumbler barrel has an intact and in good condition liner, it would sell new for around $120.00. This will be a silent auction with a minimum opening bid of $31.00 (we already have an opening bid of $30.00) you may bid privately with a ballot, all bids in one dollar ($1.00) increments, or you may e-mail your bid to the treasurer at

Your are bidding to support the shop..
Any questions can be directed to Glenn or Lynn or an e-mail as noted above.
Highest Bidder will win at $1.00 over next highest Bid.

Example Glenn Bids $35.00 the next highest bid
and you bid $80.00 which is the winning bid, then
you would be at $36.00 for the purchase.
No shipping you will have to pick-up at the shop

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