Rock clubs depend on fellow rockhounds for their success.  And our club is no different.  From merchandise to used equipment, we’ve benefitted from their generosity.

Our upcoming Rock Show has prompted donations of time, money and rocks.  And Tyree Lamph is just one of those generous donors.

We stopped at Ty’s backyard shop on our way back from Montana.  After completing our own purchases I just asked if he had anything he might be able to donate for the silent auction at the show.  He promptly got up and came back from one of the trailers with two agate specimens on hand-made wood display stands.  He can’t be at our show because it’s the same weekend as the Denver Show, but wanted to support us.  If you see Ty, be sure to tell him thanks for his support.

And if you want to acquire some of his dino bone slabs he’ll be at the Funk’s Southern Utah Rock Show at the Washington County Fairgrounds November 1st and 2nd.  It’s a great show and well run.

If you want to acquire these lovely pieces, attend the show and be the top bidder. It’s all part of what makes rock hounding so much fun – the people.

Until next time.

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