Date:  October 14-18, 2019

                                               Time:  9am-4pm

                                      Location:   1254 Hagen Circle

                                          St. George, Utah 84790

This fun, highly informative and exciting workshop will be taught in my personal laboratory located at 1254 Hagen Circle in St. George (Bloomington).  The course is open to students of all levels of ability. This workshop will involve learning the art of jewelry creation using casting techniques.  Beginning jewelry students will also learn correct methods of cabochon cutting and setting.  When necessary, soldering methods will be used to enhance casting projects.   Specific casting methods learned will be Lost Wax Casting and a new method called Garnet Sand Casting.  Each of these methods of casting has no limit of possibilities for creating beautiful jewelry.  The cost is $535 which includes course fees, gem material, and casting supplies.  Sterling silver, neck chains, limited wax patterns etc. will be available for purchase in the class.  It will not be necessary to bring supplies or tools for the first day.  This course is open to four students.

                                                                           DR. Steve Taylor  

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