Donate and/or Volunteer


As our club continues to grow, we know our needs outpace our income from member dues.  And we do not feel we can increase the price of dues any further.

That’s where you come in –

Join The Club


Individual memberships are $24.00 per year.  We need 250 members to provide the education and training  for the growing number of youth interested in rocks, gems and Utah’s unique geology. We welcome both working members and supporting members.  Members enjoy a monthly meeting to learn and socialize with like-minded folks; a monthly rockhounding trip; a monthly digital newsletter; two annual rock and gem shows; a “tailgate” sale for members to sell their wares; and an annual picnic.  Speakers, demonstrations, use of the lapidary shop and training in lapidary skills.  Come Join The Club.


Be a Rock Donor


We have a booth at the Iron County Fair and the Southern Utah Rock & Gem Show.  This provides some funding to offset the cost of our lapidary shop.  How can you help?

  • Donate rock slabs for the club to sell
  • Donate tumbled rock for the children’s grab bags. Each bag has 5-7 different rock specimens in a handmade cloth bag
  • Donate small specimens for the Children’s Wheel of Fortune
  • Donate cabs you’ll never use for the club to sell.


Be A “Friend of the Rock Club”


In order to teach and assist in the development of lapidary skills, the club has their own shop and gives lessons in the use of the equipment.  Unfortunately, it costs more to run and maintain that we can charge for hourly usage fees – leaving nothing for new equipment.

We’re currently in need of two more cabbing machines, a flat lap machine, and a newer 10” trim saw.  The trim saw, flat lap, and one of the cabbing units will remain in the shop.  The other cabbing unit will be a “Pixie” to be used to demonstrate cabbing techniques at the shows and with the STEAM programs in Iron and Washington Counties.

The current costs of these machines is right at $10,000.  How can you help?

Click on the Paypal donate button and become a “Friend of the Rock Club” by donating to the Equipment Fund in any amount you can over $10.00.

Contact Club President Eric Vogt @ (818) 738-3122  and donate used rock equipment.  Please understand we will either put it into use or sell it and put the funds into the Equipment Fund.

A 501 (c) 3 donation slip will be provided for your tax deductible donation of either funds or equipment.


Be A Corporate Sponsor


We’re seeking a corporate sponsor to help offset the lapidary shop costs.  Your company could help by:

  • Providing a location for a shop/meeting facility where the club could hold their monthly meetings and set up the lapidary shop. Details available from Club President Tracy Hassett (435) 865-1441.
  • Donate $5,000 to cover the costs of the Lapidary Shops annual expenses.