Lapidary Open Shop

During open shop schedules, shop supervisors will be available to teach club members rock cutting, cabochon shaping and polishing a the standard $3/hour shop fee. All shop users must be current club members in good standing.

Jewelry Open Shop

This is for members to work on their own chosen project or finish an incomplete class project. An instructor will be present to assist.

The $3.00 per hour per machine standard shop fee applies. The only exception is any unused class class hours may be applied to finish those specific projects. All shop users must be current club members in good standing.


Classes are held at the Shop (495 North 100 West, Cedar City, UT 84721). All class instructors are volunteers. There is a small fee for the classes, which cover shop time, some tools and supplies, and insurance. Some classes also have a materials fee. Classes are limited to four (4) students per class and all classes require preregistration. Contact the class instructor to register. You must be a member to participate in a class (you may signup and pay for membership at the shop or at our New Membership Page).

Please check the Calendar of Events page for upcoming schedule or check our Facebook Events!

Beginning Silversmith Class

Saturday, April 23, 9am-4pm (1 spot left)

This class is an introduction to silver work that will result in a finished pendant.

All required tools and supplies are available for use at the club shop. Participants may bring a cabochon between 5/8” to 1” in the long dimension or one can be purchased at the shop for a nominal fee.

The average cost of materials (silver) is $12.00 to $20.00 depending on size of cabochon chosen. It is best to use an oval cabochon for your first piece. No rectangular, triangular with sharp points as they are difficult to work.

Only 4 students per class Call Tracy Hassett at


to register (NO TEXT Please)

Cost: $25.00 per person plus supplies

Cuff Bracelet Class

Using basic and intermediate silversmithing techniques, students will create a beautiful cuff bracelet.

All supplies, including cabochons, are available at the club shop.

Supplies:Cab no larger than 20 x 25mmBezel wire sufficient for chosen cab12” 8ga half round sterling silver wire24ga sterling silver sheet 15mm wider and 10mm longer than your chosen cab10' 18ga round sterling silver wire

Only 4 students per class Call Tracy Hassett at


to register (NO TEXT Please)

Cost: $30.00 per person plus supplies

Wire Wrapping 101

Thursday, April 21, 5-8pm

In this class, students will be introduced to beginning wire wrapping concepts such as: a basic set of wire wrapping tools and how they are used; wire shapes and applications; how to shape, handle and process wire; how to create a beautiful wire wrapped pendant, using square and half round copper wires and traditional wire wrapping techniques.

This class is for the very beginner student who has never wire wrapped before, or students who have minimal wire wrapping experience. It’s great also for those who want a refresher. The class objective is for each student to create a pendant using basic wire wrapping techniques.

This pendant harness being taught is easy to adapt to stones of many shapes and sizes. In this class, we will be using a cabochon and creating a simple but stylish pendant. This technique of wire wrap allows for designs to be as simple or as abundant in swirls and curls, as you desire.

The cost for the class is $15.00. It includes dark bronze colored wire for the project.

Each student will need to supply a cabochon, size about 30x22 or 40x30, shape of the cab is discretionary. If you do not have a cab suitable for the project, the shop has some available for purchase. The shop will have cabochons available for purchase.

Participants will make a ring carved of wax that will be transformed into silver. Fee includes supplies, use of basic wax tools and casting one creation. Fee does not include silver. Castings will be in sterling silver with costs calculated by weight. You may buy the sterling or reimburse with clean sterling scrap. Participants will need a symmetrical oval cab less than 22mm long dimension. There will be stones available at reasonable costs for those who don’t have a suitable cab.

All required tools and materials are available for use at the club shop.

The average cost of silver is $12.00 to $20.00 depending on weight of ring.

Only 4 students per class Call Eric Vogt at 818-738-3122

to register (NO TEXT Please)

Cost: $30.00 per person plus supplies (silver)

Beginning Jewelry Metals

This class is an introduction to jewelry metal work culminating in a finished pendant.

This class is a prerequisite for Lost Wax Casting or Intermediate Jewelry Fabrication.

Using copper sheeting, students will learn to layout, shear, texture, saw, file, finish and prong set their chosen stone. Additionally they will practice proper work flow and torch techniques for basic silver soldering necessary for future silver classes.

Class includes all necessary materials including a polished cabochon from the instructor’s collection, as well as handouts describing tools, metals, cabochons and general workflow, plus a useful chart. Cost is $25.

Maximum Students: 4

Future Classes TBDsilver Leaf, feather & flower

Participants will make a leaf, feather, and flower to be made into a pendant or for use on their future jewelry projects.